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Specification:Provide for you a wide range of brand Genset Genset starting capacity of 5-2000 kVA ( GENSET NEW, USED AND RECONDITIONING) .
We provide various brands such as Genset:
Perkins, Cummins, Deutz, Lovol, MTU, Yanmar, John Deeree, Mitsubishi, Doosan, etc..

Cummins Genset Ready stock:
-Cummins 250 kVA NT855GA ( Stamford)
1250-kVA Cummins KTA50G3 ( Stamford)

Perkins Genset Ready stock:
Perkins 30 kVA-1103A-33G ( Stamford)
Perkins 60 kVA-1103A-33TG2 ( Stamford)
Perkins 80 kVA-1104A-44TG2 ( Stamford)
-Perkins 100 kva 1006TG2A ( Stamford)
Perkins 1306C-250-kVA E87TAG6 ( Stamford)
Perkins 2506C-450-kVA E15TAG1 ( Stamford)
Perkins 2506C-500-kVA E15TAG2 ( Stamford)
Perkins 1500-4012-kVA 46TAG2A ( Stamford)

Ready Stock Genset Deutz:
27-kVA Deutz D226B-3D ( Stamford)
50 kVA Deutz-TD226B-3D ( Stamford)
70 kVA Deutz-TD226B-4D ( Stamford)
TD226B-100 kVA Deutz-6D ( Stamford)
140-kVA Deutz-6D TBD226B ( Stamford)
150 kVA Deutz-TBD226B-6D ( Starford)
160-kVA Deutz TBD226B-6D5 ( Stamford)
250-kVA Deutz BF6M1015C ( Stamford)
350-kVA Deutz BF6M1015CP ( Stamford)
500 kVA Deutz-BF8M1015CP ( Stamford)

Genset ready stock of MAN:
MAN 660-kVA D2842LE203 ( Leroy Somer)

Doosan Genset Ready stock:
Doosan 400-kVA P158LE ( Leroy Somer)

Marine Genset Ready stock:
-Deutz 30 KW TD226B-3cd ( Marathon)
-Deutz 50 KW TD226B-4CD ( Marathon)
-Deutz 75 KW TD226B-6CD ( Marathon)
-Deutz 90 KW TBD226B-6CD ( Marathon)


Mobile: 08999 2987 689
Esia: ( 021) 8962 4835
Fax: ( 021) 5967 6655
YM: kevin.wahana @ gmail.com
BB PIN: 29974EBE

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Tn. Kevin Valiant [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Tn. Kevin Valiant at jakarta
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Tn. Kevin Valiant at jakarta
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Address:Address. Jl. Daan Mogot Raya No.16
jakarta 11460, Jakarta
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